Equine Lameness Exams

image0014A horse's mobility is vital to their everyday life and happiness, so lameness can be a major issue. Lameness is any abnormality in the gait or stance, usually caused by pain, illness, or injury of some sort.

There are a variety of causes, so a thorough examination may be necessary to determine the issue. We have vast experience treating lameness, so rest assured that your horse is in good hands.

Here are some of the items covered in equine lameness exams:

  • General lameness exam with diagnostic local analgesia

  • Radiology (X-ray)

  • Joint fluid collection and analysis

  • Joint injections

  • Regional/targeted perfusion with antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medications

If your horse is dealing with lameness issues or any sort of mobility problem, please don't hesitate to contact us today at (406) 388-6275.