cow-842522_960_720We know there is a wealth of animal health information on the internet, and it can be difficult to sift through. Here are some trusted, reliable resources for information on your beloved animal.

ASPCA Poison Control -
Montana Pets on the Net -
Royal Canin Pet Nutrition -
Purina Pet Nutrition -
Pet Dental Information -
AVMA, Large Animal Care Resources -
American Kennel Club -
AAEP, Equine Resources -
American Quarter Horse Association -
American Paint Horse Association -
AABP, Bovine Resources -
AASRP, Small Ruminant Resources -
Veterinary Partner -

*It's hard to know what online sources can be trusted when you're looking for answers regarding your pets' health.  Click on the link below for veterinarian-approved information about medical, surgical, and behavioral problems common among companion animals.

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