Preventative Care and Wellness

Ein kleiner Schnauer mit einem 6 Wochen alten K?tzchen.We recommend annual wellness exams for your pets.  During these visits, our doctors will assess your pet’s overall health and make recommendations regarding diet, exercise, and general at-home care.  Older pets or pets with health problems may require more frequent visits.  Items which may be discussed and/or performed during wellness visits include:

  • Vaccines

  • Internal and external parasite control

  • Heartworm prevention

  • Spay and neuter options

  • Micro-chipping

  • Ear cleaning and treatment

  • Ocular (Eye) health

  • Dental health and home care

  • Weight management and nutrition

  • Hair-coat and skin issues

  • Breeding evaluation

  • Health certificates for travel and shipment

  • Sedation available for grooming

  • PennHip testing

  • Integrative medicine (Acupuncture, Therapeutic laser, E-stim)

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