boardingWe offer comfortable boarding for your pets while you are away. We have clean and safe housing with plenty of space, extra blankets and beds, and time to play in an outdoor run. You will have the added comfort of knowing that the doctor is only a few steps away if any health issues arise during your pet's stay.

We encourage you to bring a supply of your pets' regular food with them, since they tend to feel better when their diet is kept consistent. You're also welcome to bring any familiar treats or toys. Pets who come without their own food will be fed a gentle gastroenteric diet that most animals have no trouble digesting. We have plenty of soft bedding that is clean and comfy, however you are always welcome to bring a familiar bed or blanket along for added comfort.

We require that each boarded pet be current on their core vaccinations (including Bordetella/Kennel Cough for dogs) and deworming for intestinal parasites. If your pet needs an update, you may easily arrange this with us when you schedule their stay. As always, vaccination and deworming programs may vary from one pet to the next depending on age, health status, and lifestyle. Their boosters should be given at least 5 days prior to boarding to ensure adequate immunity. We are always happy to discuss your individual pet's vaccination needs and to develop a program that suits them best.

Give us a call to make a reservation. (406) 388-3164


Single dog: $19/night

Shared canine run: $15/dog/night

Single cat: $14/night

Shared feline kennel: $11/cat/night

Special needs or medication administration: Add $2/night

**Pets who are picked up before Noon to go home will not be charged an additional night.

Please arrange a pick-up time with our staff when you drop your pets off to board. Please give 24 hr notice if this time needs to be changed.

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